Man Beat Female Officer For Pulling Him Over, Then Karma Came For Him

48-year-old Gary Coslovich from San Jose, California was dangerously driving on the highway putting not only his life at risk but many other individuals on the road. He hit two cars while driving hazardously and near crashed into two motorists.

A California Highway Patrol officer was on duty and saw Gary driving recklessly on the westbound Interstate 80 near the American Canyon off-ramp. The CHP officer tried to do everything she could to stop Gary and his truck, eventually when Gary came to a stop he got out of his vehicle and attacked the officer. Gary didn’t like being told what to do by the officer and became violent towards her immediately. First, he started off by pushing her on to the floor, then stomping on her and eventually trying to reach for her gun.

Luckily two good Samaritans came along Joel Jones and Greg Bunting who were the two motorists that nearly got crushed by Gary and saved the CHP officer. They restrained Gary until the police arrived and since then have been the CHP officer’s heroes.