Man Beats Girlfriends 2-Year-Old Child To Death Because She Wet Herself

Two-year-old Aaliyah Lewis was beaten to death by her mother’s boyfriend while he was babysitting her. Jamarius Devonti Graham, 21, snapped and decided to end the 2-year-olds life after she spoiled in her bed. Graham beat the child unconscious and then decided to beat her with a hanger until it broke into pieces. Graham told his girlfriend that he did not hit the child too hard and that she was sleeping. Aaliyah’s mother noticed that her daughter was having trouble breathing and quickly called emergency services. Aaliyah’s brain was swollen, and her lungs were punctured and filled with body fluids. Doctors determined that all of her injured caused her body to go into shock and then shortly passed away. If found guilty Graham could face a lengthy prison sentence.