Man Hit His Dog On The Head With A Shovel Until It Passed Away, Claims Mental Illness

Efren Martinez was caught abusing his 3-year-old terrier mix by hanging its head with a shovel. 3-year-old terrier mix Rusty was left for dead after Efren continuously smashed his head with a shovel. A neighbor saw and heard the dog being hit on the head and contacted local authorities.

When local authorities got there they found Rusty in a severe condition and was rushed to VCA Valley Animal Medical Center. Rusty lost a lot of blood and suffered from brain damaged and sadly passed away. Efren did not care about his dog and when he was arrested he burst out in tears. He claims that he had no idea what was going on because he suffered from a bipolar incident and that it was not him hitting his dog. The judge did not believe his pathetic excuse to try and lower his sentence, he was given 8 years in a state detention facility.