Man Rescues A Drowning Husky, What The Dog Does Next Is Heartwarming

A puppy was seen drowning in a lake in Romania. The footage shows a man rescuing a husky who is trying to get out from the lake. After the husky was saved and put on land it did not run away, as most dogs would. The husky instantly becomes fond of the man and bonded with him afterward. The dog was thrilled and showed his appreciation by jumping around and playing with the man.

A Romanian news channel ‘ dejeanul1 published the original video’. It shows this poor puppy drowning in the Danube River located in Galați, eastern Romania. Soon after being rescued, the puppy’s initials reaction shocks everyone. The rescued puppy is not able to control his gratitude towards his rescuer.

As many looked on, only one man decided to risk his life to save another. Petre Pangratiu lost a dog himself due to drowning. Ever since losing his dog, he was labeled as an empty shell of a man. He regretted not being there for his dog and had no idea his dog was in danger. So when the opportunity arose, he jumped into action and did not want to see another dog drown.

Ever since the interaction, the street dog and Petre have become the best of pals and spend every minute of the day together. Friends and family have seen a change in Petre and it puts a smile on their faces. They are finally glad to see Petre become his former self again.

Drowning puppy shows pure joy after rescue