Man Walking Inside The School Does The Unthinkable To This 7-Year-Old Boy

Shocking footage released by a school shows a parent punching a random student, then simply walking away. The incident took place at KIPP DC Spring Academy a Charter school in Washington, D.C. The man stops when he sees seven-year-old John Mclean and sucker punches him in the stomach. The boy instantly spat out blood on the floor when he dropped to his knees.

Lena Mclean reached out to the school who were first refusing to comment on the incident. Then a week later the school released the video of her son being punched in the stomach. The man is her son’s classmate’s parent who hit him in the hallway. Lena apparently put a complaint forward about her son being bullied by the man’s son, so after the meeting with the principal, he decided to take out his anger on the boy directly.

Video Shows Parent Sucker Punching 7 Year Old Child