Marine Smuggles Stray Dog In A Duffel Bag To Take Back Home From Afghanistan

This isn’t your classical story of a man rescuing a dog, but instead, a dog rescuing a man as well. This story is of a man and dog giving each other life and being each other’s strengths. Sgt. Craig Grossi was serving with the US Marine Corps in Afghanistan, during the times when the Taliban were attacking Craig noticed a stray dog that was lurking around the team on many occasions.

At first, Craig let it be and just focused on the attacks from the Taliban, but once things had settled Craig decided to approach the dog. Craig initially thought the reaction from the dog might not be so good but he was wrong because as soon as he went to the dog he fell in love with him and wagged his tail from so much happiness.

Here is a short statement of when he went to go an introduce himself to the dog: “As I got closer to him, I could see he was covered in bugs,” Grossi said. “He was uncomfortable, and his fur was matted. And as I got a little bit closer he started to wag his tail, and that really just froze me, because that is the last thing I thought he would do.”

From that moment onwards he named the stray dog Fred and took him into his camo to meet the rest of his team. Fred not only became close to Craig but also to the rest of the team. When Craig’s time came to an end of serving he realized that if he left Fred behind he would go back to the horrible lonely life he lived. Therefore, what Craig did next for Fred required courage and immense love, he had to make sure that he didn’t leave Fred behind no matter what. Watch the video below where Craig explains in more detail of their first meeting and what he did to stay with his best friend for life.