Military Dad Leaves 190 ‘Kisses’ For His Son, The Reason Why Is Heartwarming

Stever Dillenburger an Air Force Major was deployed for the first time earlier this year to Kuwait for 190 days from April to October. He was fully set and ready to complete his duty and do his job, but for some reason, his heart was not ready to be away from his family for that long, especially his three-year-old child.

However, Steve and his wife Mary Ellen came up with a fantastic idea that would avoid his son, Sean from missing his presence. Their intention was for Sean to be reminded every day that Steve loved him very much. therefore, before Steve left to fulfill his duty he left 190 Hershey Kisses for Sean to have every night before sleeping. Steve and Mary wanted Sean to remember that he was thinking about Sean all the time and loves him.

After 190 days went by Steve Dillenburger landed back in America and their reunion as a family was much sweeter than a Hershey’s chocolate because the love between a father and son is far greater. Thank you to all those who sacrifice their live and family for the safety of our country.

Dad leaves 'goodnight kisses' for son while deployed