Military Dog Loses It When He Is Reunited With Handler After Two Years

Saying goodbye to loved ones can be an extremely hard process, but eventually, they do understand that it’s time to go. But what about animals and pets, how do you explain to them that you might not ever see them again. This is a process that every individual in our armed forces has to go through. Often they could be gone for months and some for even years, but it’s not like they are going to an exotic destination. Instead, they head straight into war and it makes you wonder every day and night if they will make it back alive.

This is a video of Sheldon Holland and Django the dog, they both served in Afghanistan together but had to be separated for over two years as Sheldon was called to finish off work in the American K9 Unit. However, Sheldon promised Django that he would come back for him one day and take him in as his own dog and life a peaceful life in South Africa. Watch the reunion between these both, it’s heartwarming.

The touching moment Sheldon is reunited with Django after 2 years