Military Soldier Gets Baptised And Becomes A Soldier For Christ – Beautiful

Military personnel Steven Stromberg was deployed in Iraq and serving the US Army. During his deployment, he felt something missing and then realized he wanted to become a soldier for Christ. He decided to get baptized in Euphrates River, and it is such a beautiful moment. Thank you, Steven, for your service to our country and to Christ.

Viewers have described this beautiful baptism as emotional and touching. Army soldier Stephen Stromberg is seen taking the ultimate plunge while he was deployed in Iraq. Military personnel Steven Stromberg decided it was the right thing to do, despite being in the middle of a war zone.

Stephen with the help of two other soldiers trenched into the Euphrates river and declared that he has decided to follow God. Just outside Rawah, Anbar Province, Stephen has taken an oath to follow God for the rest of his life, after witnessing death and destruction first hand.

The soldier chose the song “Oceans” by Hillsong because it brought tears to his eyes and thought it would be the perfect backdrop for this baptism video. He was quoted saying “It was a powerful day in my life worth sharing with the world,” in hopes of showing other people the light. Despite all the wind, mist, and dust creating low visibility, all three soldiered on and continued with the baptism.

Christian Baptism of American Soldier while Fighting in Iraqi War