Mom Saw Her Toddler Fall Into A Pool, What The Family Dog Did Was Incredible

Patricia Drauch had the fright of her life when she was walking home and realized her 14-month-old baby disappeared behind her. She ran toward the backyard and saw her baby Stanley drowning in the pool. Patricia moved towards her child and realized that the baby was floating and it was thanks to their family Dog named Bear was holding her afloat. The dog refused to move until the mother came over.

Upon grabbing Stanley from the pool, she rushed him to the local fire station close to her house as he was not breathing. They tried their best efforts to revive him and quickly rushed him to the hospital. Stanley was successfully resuscitated and released from the hospital. If it was not for the dog’s heroic act, the baby could have lost its life. This is not the first time we have heard of a dog saving a child’s life; they are known to have natural motherly instincts. Ever since Stanley’s birth Patricia told her family dog Bear to watch over Stanley and until this day he has not let them down.

Mom: Dog saved baby son from drowning