Mom Watches Daughter Cheerleading, Suddenly A Young Man Hops The Fence And Runs At Her

Without a doubt, children miss their parents when they are deployed in the military. They wish they could come home every night and at every home dinner and especially during celebrations. Nine-year-old Addie Rodriguez was cheerleading on the sideline at Central Catholic High School located in Texas. She was heartbroken that her dad could not be there to see her perform.

Sadly this routine required the fathers of the girls to lift them in the air, and Addie was the only one without a father for this part of the routine. An unsuspecting member of the audience noticed that Addie’s father was not present to lift her in the air, so he jumped into action and ran towards her. Everyone was shocked at this man’s actions and what he did next.

Student rescues cheerleader whose military dad couldn't attend performance