Mother Abandoned Her Toddler In A Grocery Store Intentionally, This Is Cruel

Sometimes is hard to understand why some parents have children when they are clearly incapable of looking after them. Chiengkham Vilaysane also known as Cindy took her daughter to a Food 4 Less store in Riverside, California and abandoned her 2-year-old daughter. On CCTV it was clear that Cindy walked in with her toddler but when she went to check out her daughter was not with her.

Throughout her time in the store, the toddler kept wandering off but her mother wouldn’t think twice about looking for her. People in the store such as customers and employees would ask her occasionally about her daughter but the only thing she would reply with is “Leave her.” When the Police arrived they clearly say from the evidence on camera that Cindy was doing this all intentionally. The two-year-old toddler was taken into care shortly after she identified her mother on the camera footage.

Mom Who Abandoned 2-Year-Old Daughter In Grocery Store Arrested