Mother And Children Are Trapped In A Burning Car, What She Does Leaves Officer Angry

Two women and their children were caught in a scene where their car was slowly starting to burn. An officer from the fire department was called immediately, but what he saw when he got to the scene was terrible. Both the ladies were still sat in the car with the children in the back seats. The smoke was getting extremely intense and the officer rushed to save the kids first.

After getting them to safety he yelled at the two women for what they did during this incident. Both the females were taking their sweet time getting out the car and neither was in a rush to get themselves or the children to safety. He gave them a quick lesson that the smoke alone would have killed them all, but the ladies later confessed that the reason to them being slow was because they were in shock of what happened and did not know what to do.

Paramedics came to the incident as soon as they could and provided the children with oxygen masks to help them recover from this horrible incident. Luckily both the children and females survived and are all in good health.

Watch This Officer Pull Two Babies from a Burning Car