Mother Caught Abusing Naked Daughter On Beach, Her Excuse Is Sickening

Kimberly Felder 45 years old believed very highly in demons in entering the human body and possessing it. She believed in it so much that she thought her 11-year-old daughter had been possessed. One day when mother and daughter were on the beach, Kimberly suddenly started to beat her child up.

She became so violent and brutal towards the child; she started to choke and bite her as well as throw sand in her eyes. Not only that, it gets worse, she began to rip off her daughter’s clothing in front of many people and as she was about to hit her with a piece of driftwood John Marciel stepped in and saved the young girl’s life.

When asked by the crowd and police what and why she was doing all that to her child she answered saying that she was performing an exorcism as a demon had possessed her daughter. The 11-year-old was taken to hospital where doctors found several injuries on her, and a particular injury that was damaged was her ear which needs reconstructive surgery.

Humboldt County Mother Attacked Child In Attempted Exorcism