Mother Couldn’t Believe What The Dog Was Doing To Her Newborn Baby

A lot of people have mixed feelings about this video. A mother left her dog alone with her newborn baby for 60 seconds, and she couldn’t believe what she captured on camera. The dog started tucking in the infant. Many people argue that the dog is burying the baby, dogs often do this to conceal their valuables. It is never recommended to leave your dog with your newborns unmonitored.

This story has gained much attention over the past few weeks. Dale Whelan owner of the dog and mother of the child wanted to come forward and make some things clear.  She starts off by saying that she never left her newborn unmonitored with the puppy. The pair are now just over 5 years old and the pair are attached to each other like glue.  They go everywhere together, from morning to night.

Dog tucks in baby.