Mother Designed An Incredible Shopping Cart For The Elderly And Disabled, We Need These!

Drew Ann Long, a mother of three children, had started a family project that has now benefited many people around the U.S. Drew has a daughter with major disabilities and every time she went grocery shopping she always had difficulties with her shopping. But one day when she went shopping with her two-year-old son and middle child Caroline she decided to take some action and make a change beach use she realized that she was not the only one struggling with a wheelchair and trolley while shopping. She did not want to exclude Caroline from everything so after that shopping trip she decided to create a design a shopping cart that would benefit people like Caroline. Caroline’s Cart was designed for those who are elderly and have disabilities, for those who can not walk or need any assistance in the store. Now Drew Ann Long dreams for one of these “Caroline’s Cart” to be in every store, and she believes that “It doesn’t matter what you are born with, it matters what you do with it.”