Mother Knew Her Sheep Wasn’t Going Survive, But Then Saw A Miracle In The Straw

This is a story of Dotty the sheep who belonged to Amy Hill in Nova Scotia Canada. Dotty lives at the Snowy River Farm where there are more animals and sheep’s, but dotty is a special sheep to Amy because she was the first sheep on the farm. Dotty was pregnant again, the first time she had no complications and so this time Amy thought 10-year-old Dotty will manage fine.

She was always looked after well because the Snowy River Farm treat their animals humanely and raise them in a pasture, unlike other farms. One day Dotty has some difficulty breathing and was laying on her back, Amy tried to rush her to the vet as soon as she could and when they arrived the doctors kept a close eye on her. Dotty was eventually stabilizing as time was going by but there was still something that didn’t seem quite right, her little lambs were not yet born.

The lambs were not moving and it became a concern that maybe they may have died, so the doctors gave Dotty a shot to help with delivering the babies and there still was no progression or change. Suddenly out of nowhere, there was hope again and four little lambs were born, three boys and one girl. It was amazing for Amy to see this happen, it made her love Dotty more than she did before.