Mother On Benefits Splashes Out And Spends £3K Of Taxpayers Money On Lavish Celebration

Deborah Hodge spent just shy of £3,000 on her Christmas gifts, which was all funded by the tax payer. Hodges says that she used to work and that she believes she put enough money in the system to claim it back. She left her job after her husband and children suffered from PTSD and started claiming benefits. Hodges lives in a 4 bedroom house in London with her 4 children from 4 different fathers. Hodges wants to get a full-time job as long as it rotates around her children, but in the meanwhile loves staying on benefits. She has taken to ‘This Morning’ show to talk about the abuse she receives on a daily basis because she spends the tax payers money, which she believes she is entitled to spend any way she wishes.

Mother Wants to Thank Taxpayers for Her Benefit-Funded Christmas! | This Morning