Mother Receives Shocking Sentence For Decapitating Her 3-Month-Old Baby, Claims Insanity

Jayniah was only 3-months-old when she was brutally murdered by her mother Deasia Watkins. The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to the crime but then something shocking happened in the case. It was brought to light that Deasia was not supposed to see her child without the presence of a social worker. The 3-month-old baby was stabbed several times, had one of her arms broken before being decapitated.

Her statement changed from guilty to not guilty and claimed insanity. She was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis and put on medication so she can stand trial. This is a loophole that many criminals use to delay and avoid their court hearing. The law states that if Deasia Watkins does not understand her charges against her, then she can not be charged.

Deasia Watkins: Woman accused of beheading child not competent for trial