Mother Shoots Her Two Children In The Head, Then Does The Unexpected

Jessica Edens aged 36 years from South Carolina and her husband were in the middle of a custody dispute when she found out that her husband was having an affair with another woman names Meredith Rahme aged 28 years. Jessica discovered that her husband and Rahme were working together and so she decided to send threating messages and harass her for many weeks.

Eventually one day she couldn’t handle the fact that her children were around Meredith Rahme who was also staying at her husband’s apartment. Jessica decided to take actions, and they were very violent as it leads to Meredith Rahme being shot by Jessica then her own two children Hayden King who was only nine years old and his little 5-year-old sister. Jessica then broke down after she shot her children and then shot herself. Four lives lost in one day, in one place only because she wasn’t happy with her husband having an affair.