Mother Squirrel Saves Her Babies From Inescapable Death, This Is Incredible

Lumberjacks also known as Loggers have a profession of cutting down trees to make materials for us to use on a daily basis. Most of the time they plan and think ahead of the animals it may effect in the area. However, some animals not so lucky and tend to lose their home, which would mean that they would have to always relocate and it’s not fair for them. Here is a video of a squirrel who had lost her home and in her nest were her three newborns. Luckily the babies were ok and so was the nest; the Loggers put aside the nest for the mother to find. Due to her motherly instincts, she was able to locate her children and take them one by one to their new home and risking her life and the remaining children in the nest.

Amazing baby squirrel rescue (by mama squirrel)