Mother Started Abusing Her Young Daughter For Speaking To Her Father

Angela Armendariz and Jesus Armendariz have recently split up and are currently going through a divorce. They both have children together and once they split up it has been extremely difficult for Jesus to see his kids. One day he decided to meet his 9-year-old daughter in school and see how she was doing. However, Angela caught them both exchanging words and was not pleased so when her daughter got into Angela’s car after school she started to hit her. Angela took her anger out on her daughter when in fact she was mad at her ex-partner for trying to meet with her kids.

Luckily, there were other parents on the scene while the 9-year-old was getting beaten up and removed her from the car and away from her mother. Angela was later arrested and put behind bars for a night. It was later learned that Angela was a very aggressive with her children and would beat them regularly. Therefore, Jesus was able to take custody of his daughter and had got a protective order against his ex-wife.

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