Mother Tried To Suffocate Her Own Baby, Cries In Court And Demands A Lower Punishment

Shantaniqua Nykole Scott tried to suffocate her own child on several occasions.Her 4-month-old son was first treated at Cook’s Medical Center in North Texas for not breathing. The doctors first thought the baby suffered from a reflux condition and was treated for it the second time. After a doctor became suspicious they decided to put the baby in a room with a hidden camera. What the doctors saw next left them in shock and despair, the court room watched in shock as the mother held the baby’s mouth closed for 1:14 seconds.

Shantaniqua later broke down in court and said that she could not handle the stress, and the baby’s father was not supporting her emotionally and financially. Shantaniqua told the jury that she was not able to fund her clubbing lifestyle with a baby demanding diapers. She begged the jury for light sentence as she made a mistake and will never do it again.

Video of Mother trying to Kill Her Baby