Mr Bean Celebrates His 25ᵗʰ Anniversary, This Will Make You Feel Old

Who remembers the famous Mr Bean from TV shows in 1990, well he’s back again with another classic. However, this time Mr Bean, actor Rowan Atkinson is celebrating his 25th Anniversary by sitting on top of the iconic Mr Beans car and driving around Londons most popular Landmarks and Parks.

Mr Bean was seen sitting on the roof of his car, on a chair, tied around the vehicle with a rope. He hasn’t forgotten Teddy either as he sits alongside Mr Bean. How is he driving around these famous landmarks in London you must be wondering, well just as he did in the TV shows where Mr Bean uses a mop to accelerate and steer the legendary mini.

Watch how Mr Bean avoids the police by driving into parks, he even stops for a short while to get himself a 99 Flake Ice-cream. He is later spotted reading a map towards Buckingham Palace, and as you can imagine, his map reading skills are still just as terrible as they were before. But none the less he reaches his destination, and once he has arrived at Buckingham Palace, a surprise awaits him. A pile of presents are awaiting him along with a massive crowd of his fans.

No matter what age you are, Mr Bean is bound to put a smile on all faces.

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