Officer Saves Boy’s Life By Pulling Over His Speeding Mother

Rhonda McArthur was driving dangerously fast to save her sons life; she got caught during her speeding moments by a Michigan Police Officer Nick Mitchell. As soon as he pulled her over Rhonda was expecting for the officer to ask for her driver’s license and not listen to anything she had to say, but things turned out very differently.

Nick immediately saw that Rhonda’s 10-year-old son was having extreme breathing difficulties and asked if he was ok. Rhona told Nick that her son was not going through a normal asthma attack, but it was life-threatening. She explained that she didn’t have much gas left in the tank only roughly 10 miles left and was hoping to make it to the doctors by speeding.

Nick decided to call her an ambulance but discovered that there wasn’t any available so took matters into his own hands. He put the boy in his car and started driving towards the hospital, during that time a firefighter arrived with an oxygen mask to help him through the rest of the journey.