Overweight Dancer Blows Audience Away With His Amazing Talent

John Lindo is a tall and big guy, some people may even class him as overweight and judge him to be very unhealthy. But we all know that judging a book by its cover is wrong and it applies to nearly everything. John is a professional dancer but no one would ever guess that because of the size of him, as his body isn’t your typical dancer’s body.

However, John Lindo shows such amazing talent via his dancing it’s almost mesmerizing to watch him dance. In 1992 his success of dancing began with country western style and from then on he won many championships. John even managed to win first place at the U.S Open Grand Nationals as well as being the Phoenix Champion of Champions.

John Lindo & Deborah Szekely 1st place West Coast Swing Janck & Jill