Owner Starved Dog To Death, Claiming She Didn’t Even Notice He Was Hungry

Sara Loche, 37-years-old, was convicted by Grimsby Magistrates’ Court for negligence towards a German Shepherd. The poor puppy weighed only 16 pounds (7 kg) which is severely underweight for a dog. She claimed that she fed the dog twice a day and the dog’s weight fluctuated, so she never took any notice of it.

Her partner Richard Loche had previously been convicted of animal abuse and neglect. He has a ten-year ban on owning a pet including one year of community service. Richard claimed he did not own the dog and his partner Sara owned him, so he got off the charges lightly.

Sara who seems ‘well feed’ herself said she loved the puppy like her own child and cried for him when he was eventually put down. When Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) got there, they were shocked at his condition and were forced to put him out of his misery.

The police are currently looking for Sara as she has failed to re-appear before her court sentencing. The RSPCA inspector said he had seen dead dogs in better conditions than this one. No dog deserves to go through something like this, Rest In Peace Queenie.