Owners Dumped Their Dog With The Bins, The Moment She Is Being Rescued Is Priceless

Blossom is a Chihuahua dog, and she was abandoned on the streets and was left to fend all by herself. Chihuahuas are not wild dogs and will not last a month on the streets by themselves. Their small and agile bodies are not predatorial and not built for the wild. The household dog was scared and confused when rescuers tried luring her out of her hiding spot. Blossom’s previous owners decided that she was too much of a hassle and decided to throw her out with the bins. The owners were questioned, and they said the Chihuahua ran away by herself, and they had sleepless nights worrying about her. The police did not buy their story and handed them a $200 fine.

A little homeless chihuahua ran to her friends for protection, but they knew we were there to help.