Parents Across The World Are Calling This The Best Song Ever, Judge For Yourself

Nichole Nordeman, a Christian singer and songwriter, have touched the hearts of many people with her song ‘Slow Down’ released in 2015. If you are a parent yourself or planning to be, then this song if for you, it shows the most incredible journey and emotions a parent feels while bringing a new baby into this world. Let us know what you think!

With just over 13 million views on YouTube, Nichole Nordeman has now just over 81 thousand subscribers that enjoy his videos as she uploads them. Her lyrics are remarkable and capture the emotion and energy of having a newborn child. On her last verse ‘I am your biggest fan / I hope you know I am / But do you think you can / Somehow / Slow down’ some even pointed out in the comments, that these last few words in the song are somewhat biblical.

Nichole in a previous interview stated she read sang many hymns from her grandmothers hymnal while pregnant with her son Charlie, who is now 10 years old. She wrote the song at the time of her son’s fifth-grade graduation and couldn’t bear seeing him grow up. Inspired by the hymns, the Pop singer put her emotions together and released this beautiful piece.

Nichole Nordeman - Slow Down (Lyric Video)