Parents Crush Baby To Death By Putting Mattress On Top Of Crib To Keep Him From Moving

A Pennsylvania couple has been arrested after they crashed their 2-year-old boy to death. Justin Dwyer, 29, and 28-year-old Courtney Stash put a mattress on Eoin Dwyer’s crib to stop him from getting out. They also put 50-lb. Bag of rock salt on top of the mattress to make sure the toddler had no way of getting out of his crib. The couple used bungee cords to tie up the mattress to the crib, so there was no way for the 2-year-old to escape. They were shortly arrested after the weight of the mattress and bag of rock salt crushed the toddler boy to death. Dwyer and Stash are begging for mercy from the jury and said it was an accident.