Passengers Find Little Boy And Woman Doing Something In Corner Of Plane

Rochel Groner and her husband took an 8-hour flight from Israel to Brussels on July 14th. Rochel noticed a young boy crying and having a meltdown, as Rochel works with special needs children she straight away noticed from far that this boy had autism and was losing control. She also saw that the boy was trying his hardest to express and communicate his feelings and needs but was having trouble doing so.

Passengers on the plane were getting upset and annoyed, so Rochel decided to go and sit with the boy. She ended up holding him firmly as well as being gentle by hugging him to calm his nerves. The boy started to settle down when Rochel rocked him back and forth, luckily the rest of the flight was great for the boy, Rochel and other passengers.

Woman Consoles Crying Child Having A Meltdown During Flight