Police Are Asking The Public To Help Them Find This Man Who Burnt And Tortured 3 Puppies

Petersburg Police Department are asking the public for help in regards to this case. They need information that will lead to the arrest of a man who has allegedly tortured three puppies. Brandon M. Gillie is 26-years-old and he has burnt, mutilated, tortured and killed three puppies. The pain and abuse the puppies must have suffered is unimaginable and beyond what any sane man is capable of.

The three puppies were still alive when he dismembered them, then forced them to swallow poison. He also stuffed firecrackers down their throats, which blew up inside of them. He then continued to cut up their bodies and then re-attached them with glue. The puppies were dead at this point and were all covered in glue. Brandon’s girlfriend came home to find the shocking scene and she straight way called the police.

Police are urging anyone who has information about this man then they need to come forward. Gillie is a white male, he weighs roughly 170 pounds and is 5’10” tall. Contact Crime Solvers at (804) 861-1212 and tell them what you know.