Police Find Toddler Murdered By Parents And Discover Horrific Video’s On Their Phone

Miller Costello aged 25 and Brenda Emile aged 22 from Odgen, Utah reported their three-year daughter to be unresponsive to emergency services. When the police arrived at the scene they were shocked by what they saw. The three-year-old named Angelina was covered in cuts, scars, burns, and bruises which were disguised by makeup to prevent the marks from being more visible than they were. The little girl looked extremely malnourished and features on her face were sunken.

Officers then found evidence on the couple’s phone of the child being abused in horrible ways and as each video was being captured you could tell clearly that the girl’s health was deteriorating more and more. Videos showed the couple taunting and punishing her by not giving her any food and using other children’s legs and feet to hit her with. Brenda told the police that it was her other two children that left Angelina with the cuts and bruises. Later that day Angelina was pronounced dead and the couple has been charged with aggravated murder. The other two children were taken into protective custody where they are safe and away from this cruel couple.

Ogden Parents Murder Their 3-year-old (Abusive Trauma)