Police Identify Cruel Teen Who Beat His Pet Dog Without Any Mercy

Randi Carter got in her car to drive to work when she saw two teenagers walking a dog and one of them hitting the dog once in a while. Randi who has been training dogs for 11 years knew that this was the not right way to treat a dog or even an animal it was just not humane. So she decided to take out her camera and record the 16-year-old kid that was walking the dog.

The woman waited a few minutes before the abuse started again and this time it just kept getting worse. Randi drove up to the boy, who said that the dog belonged to him when she asked why he was treating the poor animal like that. She knew she had to do something, so she gave him two choices, and apparently, he went for the second option which leads him straight to the police. The dog is now safe and in custody, but one thing these youngsters need to learn is how to care and treat an animal or family pet with love, not abuse.