Police Immediately Arrested Man After He Fed His Girlfriend Her Dog

Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh from California had a difficult time accepting that his girlfriend had dumped him. He started to become so possessive and decided to stalk, threaten and physically abuse her. At one point they both got back together but that didn’t last very long. During the time they got together, Ryan had cooked his girlfriend a meal to make up for what had happened. But little did she know that the meal he had cooked her was not any type of meat, it was her pet dog that he had made her eat.

She knew he dog was missing and was trying everything she could to find him but no luck. One day Ryan had left a package on his ex-girlfriends front door, when she opened the package the found her pet dog’s paws in the bag. Ryan denied killing the dog but when police searched his apartment they found evidence against him that left him with charges of animal abuse and domestic abuse.

California Man ARRESTED For COOKING Ex-Girlfriends DOG and FEEDING It to Her!!