Police Officer And Ex-War Veteran Had Shown His Last Act Of Kindness Moments Before His Death

How would you say the world would remember you as soon as your gone from this world?

Jeremy Henwood a police officer in San-Diego also known as a US Marine who had served in Afghanistan recently and previously had two tours in Iraq has shown a huge act of kindness before his last few breathes. He went into McDonalds and encountered David a 13-year-old boy who had asked for 10 cents as he was short on buying some cookies. Jeremy didn’t just give him the change that David asked for, instead he bought him what he wanted. Moments later Jeremy was shot, he was known as a “Great man, and a Hero” for his acts of kindness through out his lifetime. Thousands attended his memorial service and he became an inspiration to many.

Police Officer's Final Act of Kindness Caught on Tape Before Dying.flv