Poodle Protects His Baby Sister, This Is True Love. So CUTE!

Eekichi, the poodle, is one of the cuties poodles I have seen in a while. As soon as Eekichi’s owners turn on the dog grooming blow dryer, but runs directly to his baby sister and covers her. In fear of his baby sisters safety, he puts himself first. This is true love, which can only be shown between siblings.

The poodle nicknamed Chi, being the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet and in Chinese translates to ‘energy force’ weighs a mere 7 lbs. Clearly Chi’s energy force was shown in this display here. Trying to protect his younger sibling, stood guard while the blow dryer was on.

Chi’s owner, who goes by the name of ‘xoxemergencyy’ on Youtube, replied to various comments making clear that his dog is not aggressive. Coming from a family of dog breeders and dog trainers, Chi’s owner wanted to make it very clear, that Chi was no¬†terrorized and traumatized by the blow dryer. He clearly states that the door was open for Chi the whole time and could have chosen to leave at any point, but instead, Chi decided to stay with the baby.

Chi’s parent goes onto stating that Chi would never harm a soul, let alone their own sibling. Chi was raised as if it were their own baby, they would never be “cruel” or “moronic” to their dog. This video was a one-off, it just happened and they quickly grabbed their phone to capture the moment. Chi and his sister are a lot older now and enjoy looking back at the video of each other, and it makes them laugh each time.

Protecting his baby sister (ORIGINAL)