Puppy Chewed His Owner’s Phone And Got Punished With Boiling Water Poured On Him

Tuffy, the terrier is nearly unrecognizable after what his owner did to him. Tuffy has all of his skin and hair scorched with boiling hot water after he chewed his owner’s phone. No damage was done to the owner’s phone but the fact that Tuffy got his saliva on it got him mad, and in the heat, he decided to boil some water and pour it on the dog to teach him a lesson.

Emily Drayton a veterinarian was shocked when she saw Tuffy’s condition and alerted the authorities straightway. This was clearly a sign of torture and not an accident, despite what the owner claimed. Tuffy’s condition was so bad that he could not close his eyelids because the skin had tightened and was not able to close them. The owner was questioned by police who say it was an accident and he did not mean to do it and he plans to adopt another dog.

Tuffy - a dog who refused to be beaten by cruelty