Remembering The Members Of The Red Army Choir Who Died By A Plane Crash In The Black Sea

Alexandrov Ensemble The ‘Red Army’ are a Russian choir who have died in a plane crash in the black sea. The ensemble consists of 100 to 120 members depending on the performance they are giving. It includes a dance troupe, a choir, and an orchestra. On this occasion, the plane was taking 64 members of the choir to perform live at Hemeimeem air base for New Years and Christmas celebrations.

The crash is currently being investigated as Tu-154 military transport plane crashed into the Black Sea and the black box has been recovered. Among the Alexandrov Ensemble Choir, there was a total of 92 passengers. Alexandrov Ensemble is officially known as the A. V. Alexandrov Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Russian Army.

Aleksandrov Red Army Choir on Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Moscow [HQ]