Rescue Dog Became Local Hero When He Discovered A 3 Year Old Lying Naked In A Ditch

Peanut was a dog that suffered abuse from her previous owners but luckily taken into the Delta Animal Shelter where she was looked after and nursed well into good health. A few months later she was taken in by a new family whom she loves dearly. One morning Peanut’s family realized that she was acting unusual as she was running around barking. The family started to investigate and followed Peanut into their back garden, which leads to a field.

In the field there was a ditch where they found a 3-year-old toddler curled up, naked. The family called the police immediately as they were shocked how a little girl was left alone unclothed. The authorities got in touch with the little girl’s family and investigated their home. They found that the home was unsanitary and unsafe and decided to take the toddler into protective services.

Peanut became the local hero because if it wasn’t for this amazing dog then this little girl would have died and suffered a lot more than she already had. Well done Peanut!

Family dog acting strangely leads owner to naked 3-year-old lying in ditch in freezing weather