Sad And Emotional Turning For 7 Year Old Boy Who Helped Cancer Patients

7-year-old Vinny Desautels is one remarkable child, from such a young age he had so much love for people with cancer and decided to help them in some way possible. Vinny decided to grow his hair for two years, but during this time he was mocked and made fun of by many individuals especially in school. His classmates used to tell him that he looked like a girl, but once his hair reached 13 inches, he cut it off and donated it to cancer patients.

However, life can be so unfair sometimes, sweet Vinny one day came home with a horrible knee pain which was later discovered that he had cancer. It is still unknown what type of cancer Vinny has, but he is battling through it every day. This young boy helped many individuals maybe you can too by sharing his story and hoping people would help more cancer patients like Vinny.

This Sweet 7 Year Old Gave His Hair To Cancer Patients, Then Life Took A Devastating Turn