She Was Bullied By Many For Posting Her Prom Picture Online, It Went Viral Instantly.

Every teenage girl’s dream is to look amazing on prom day and the excitement towards that day is unbelievable. 17 -year-old Tayja Jones felt exactly like this on her first prom. She had expected for a magical night and that is exactly what she got. She didn’t just feel amazing in her dress but also beautiful and had the best prom night of her life. Everything was going great for until she got home and decided to upload a picture of herself in her prom dress.

Everyone in her High School (Pottsgrove) loved her confidence and thought she looked amazing with her prom dress. But unfortunately not everybody had the same thoughts. After she uploaded her prom picture online she didn’t think that it would go viral, and that wasn’t in a good way more of a horrifying way. Watch Tayja Jones explain what had happened and how things changed for her as a person over the past few months.



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Girl Left Heartbroken After People Leave Negative Comments on Prom Photo