Shocking Footage Of Animal Cruelty Exposes The Dairy Industry, Never Seen Before

Undercover footage from a Diary farm has left viewers and officials in shock. You often think that animals are treated fairly in dairy farms and given plenty of space to roam freely, but you are mistaken. Animal Equality’s investigators gave us a glimpse of how animals are treated. They are injected with sperm, so the females give birth, then as soon as they give birth their children get dragged away from them and slaughtered two days later. They do this so the mother can produce milk and as soon as she dries up, she will be sent to the slaughter house too. The cows are de-horned which causes them extreme pain. When the dairy farm was questioned, they denied all accounts of animal cruelty and said they are acting within the law.

Shocking Animal Cruelty Exposed in Mexican Dairy Industry!