Shy 8-Year-Old Walks On Stage And Leaves Judges Speechless After She Starts Singing

Polly Ivanova an 8-year-old girl performed on the stages of Bulgaria’s Got Talent a year ago. Her cuteness awed the crowd as she stood on stage but when she started to sing the song “Listen” by Beyonce the judges were surprised with her talent. Not only did the crowd have an emotional connection with her but the judges were listening to her sing deeply. You would think that an 8-year-old would not understand the lyrics that were coming out their mouth as clearly as an adult, but the way she was performing showed the judges and audience how emotionally she was attached to the song. Polly’s voice and talent dazzled the audience like no other, watch this video below and experience her soulful voice.

This Cute Tiny Little Girl Sing "Listen" and Wow the Judge!