Simon Cowell Called Her ‘NUTS’ For Attempting To Sing ‘Amazing Grace’ A Capella

Simon Cowell was not too sure about Chloe Paige after she revealed she would be singing ‘Amazing Grace’ a cappella (without any music). For any singing artist, this is one of the hardest tasks to perform as you have no background music to cover up your bad singing voice. A capellas really separate an amazing singer from average singers. Chloe Paige was confident in her choice of song and doing an a cappella version of it, but the judges were not so certain. After she had finished her amazing performance, Simon Cowell revealed that he thought she was ‘nuts’ for choosing to do it a cappella, but he was proven wrong.

Chloe Paige sings Amazing Grace – a capella! | The 6 Chair Challenge | The X Factor UK 2015