Solider Fell In Love With Puppy And Had To Depart, But What He Did Next Was Heartwarming

A stray mutt dog in Iraq walked into the army campus and was immediately taken into care by a group in the army. They all took him as part of the family and looked after it as their own pet, but one guy in particular named Ken Wyrsh a former army specialist took extra care of this mutt and named him Ollie. ollie and Ken became very good friends and would always look out for one another.

When his time came to an end in Iraq Ken was saddened to leave Ollie behind, but because Ken was working overseas a lot he did not have the time to go back for Ollie. One day Ken came up with a brilliant idea and he got in touch with SPCA international and asked for them to help him fly Ollie over into California. And it worked, watch the below video to see their beautiful reunion.

Soldiers Adopt Puppy In Iraq, Bring Him Home To California