Start Of A Wonderful Friendship Between A German Shepherd And A Baby

The most cutest things in life are babies and dogs. The two go so well together, dogs have a natural instinct with babies and automatically neurcher the baby as their own. Watch how gentle the fairly large German Shepherd plays with the baby. Despite being 5 times the size of the baby, the German Sheperd handled the situation so delicately.

The video posted by Poke My Heart, who states that their videos instead to bring “feels” to your heart, this video surely does. Daniel Colvin is the father of the baby, stated that his two-year-old German Shepherd name Freyja are known for their loyalty and bravery. The German Shepherd are also known for their Intelligence and are often used by Police and within the army for special operations.

Baby Colvin was 5-months-old at the time, enjoyed every interaction he got with his best friend Freyja. Both of them are much older now and still enjoy each others company, Jackson who is now nearly 6 years old, still lives in Florida and has been joined by two more siblings. Daniel and Courtney have stated that the four of them are inseparable and would run through muddy puddles together.

Baby and German Shepherd Play Together