Stranger Quickly Captures Little Girl Singing In Walmart, It’s Now A Viral Performance

This 8-year-old girl and her mother were on their usual grocery trip and like every other day the little girl sings while she’s walking around. Now, most people would think that she’s rehearsing for an event of some sort but in fact, she just sings because she loves to.

Another woman was walking past her and heard a few words being sung by this child and quickly asked her if she could sing again. The woman got her phone and started recording this young child, now you would assume that at her age she would be shy and nervous singing in front of strangers, but that was not the case.

Watch the video below to see her incredible talent at just eight years old just the way other shoppers did that day and created a little audience for her. The song that she sang was by Adele “Rolling in the deep.” Share this video, who knows this way she might have an opportunity to become a little star.

8 Yr Old Lil Girl Singing at Walmart