Stray Cat Becomes Instant Celebrity After Taking A Nap On A Live Tv Broadcast

Husnu a stray cat was adopted by a staff member in a television studio in Turkey. Little did the adopter and the TV Presenter at the time of a live broadcast know that this stray cat was going to be a television star. Kudret Çelebioğlu was on a live TV cast when Husnu appeared from the bottom of the desk and jumped on the top. The presenter tried his hardest to keep everything neutral when this unexpected special guest appeared.

While Kudret was talking Husnu started to get comfortable and walked over to Kudret’s laptop and laid down. The warmness of the laptop is what Husnu wanted to feel as it felt just like the home he wanted. Kudret gave Husnu a quick stroke before he was taken away from the live broadcast before the production assistant took him away.

Stray kitten crashes live news broadcast in Turkey, finds warm laptop to sit on