He Got Sent Home Immediately After Lieutenant’s Wife Gave Surprising News

Discovering that you are going to be a parent can the best thing in your life, but to know that you have a job that would consist of being away from your new family is extremely difficult. Jake Osborne and his wife Chelsea recently found out that they are expecting a new member to join their family, but after discovering such wonderful news Jake had to leave his pregnant wife behind.

Jake is a lieutenant and serves in the Military and he knew that the next time he gets deployed it will be for many months. He was heartbroken to know that he will be leaving his wife behind and he would be missing out on the beautiful journey that his wife would have to take alone. As the months went by Chelsea hoped her husband would be home soon, but before you know it she was in labor battling through life and death without her husband.

Jake was unaware of Chelsea’s situation and when Jake’s commander approached him with the news that he can be dismissed and go back home he was surprised. On his way home he got a phone call from Chelsea who asked him to come straight to the hospital, and when he arrived he didn’t expect to see what he did.

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